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Bringing Religious Artwork to Life With Commissioned Sculptures

Bennett Studio takes great care and reverence in creating custom religious sculptures for all faiths. Custom liturgical themes can be made in all sizes, materials, and formats and are ideal for indoor and outdoor worship settings. As a professional sculptor, Chris Bennett has extensive experience creating a wide variety of custom liturgical art from bronze, marble, ceramic, and more, for a variety of religious institutions.

As an Iowa sculptor with over four decades of experience, Chris Bennett has created a wide range of commissioned art for both public and private spaces and established himself as one of the best bronze sculptors in the Midwest. His passion for bronze sculpture is matched by his passion for creating moving liturgical statues. As a sculptor of religious imagery, Chris aims to create both realistic and abstract art that inspires emotion, reflection, and reverence. From relief sculpture and statues that convey religious figures and stories to abstract sculptures that inspire prayer and reflection. 

Custom Church Statues

Bennett Studio has considerable experience creating custom church art in a variety of mediums, formats, and sizes. Christian-themed statuary can beautifully and movingly convey the parables, psalms, and proverbs of the Bible. Bennett Studio has created sculptures for churches as well as for outdoor places of worship and cemeteries. From bronze plaques, stations of the cross, to sculptures of Jesus, the saints, and other religious figures, Bennett Studio can create a wide range of custom sculptures for churches of all sizes and faiths.


Realistic figure sculptures, bronze monuments of favorite religious imagery, cross sculpture monuments, and more, can be used as unique, personalized memorials that create a lasting and moving tribute. Memorial statues and memorial plaques can be sculpted in relief, in 3D, or a combination of those formats to be placed in cemeteries, parks, homes, or any other desired locations. Religious memorial sculptures create a moving and lasting tribute to a lost loved one that is unique to them. 

Religious Schools & Other Religious Institutions 

Bennett Studios has created a range of custom artwork for parochial schools, religious organizations, and other religious institutions. From custom statues to plaques, Chris Bennett can create awe-inspiring personalized artwork for any religious entity.

Private Religious Art Commissions 

Bring the beauty of liturgical art into your own home with custom religious art commissions. Miniature bronze sculptures provide an opportunity for affordable custom artwork, allowing everyone to enjoy their own custom art piece, made by a professional sculptor. Bennett Studio can create a small sculpture of a saint you esteem, a custom sculpture of Jesus, personalized Bible scene sculptures, and more.

Expertly Crafted Liturgical Art Made Just For You  

Chris Bennett is an Iowa artist who is passionate about bringing the beauty and reverence of religious sculpture to everyone. Custom-made liturgical art is one of a kind and provides personalized attention to detail and your unique vision that premade religious sculptures for sale just can’t match. Bennett is willing to take on any custom religious artwork commission regardless of size or budget. Chris will work with you to ensure that you are getting a truly unique, high-quality custom art sculpture that fits within your budget.

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